The Horse/s are to be on a Full Livery basis at Stable88 for the agreed sum of $60 per day/horse. This is payable by the Horse Owner to Stable88 Ltd weekly in advance, with a deposit of one week in advance required to confirm the booking.

  1. 1. Services: Full Livery
    1. a. Stable 88 will provide day-to-day care as follows:
      1. i. Daily turnout, bring in and rug changes
      2. ii. Hooves picked and legs washed
      3. iii. Care of stable and water
      4. iv. Supply and preparation of meadow hay
      5. v. Twice daily feeding (supplements if provided)
    2. b. Additional services required by the Horse Owner will be invoiced and charged per the schedule of fees (attachment A)
  2. 2. Stable 88 agrees that they shall at all times during the period of livery provide a safe and suitable environment for the horse to be kept and provide any agreed services in an efficient and professional manner which meets the welfare needs of the horse. However, Stable 88 will not be held liable for any accident or injury sustained to yourself or your horse while on the premises.

  1. 4. Veterinary and other services:
    1. a. It is the responsibility of the Horse Owner to ensure that the horse is suitably shod/trimmed and wormed prior to arrival.
    2. b. All horses in livery must be vaccinated against strangles and tetanus. Equine Influenza is also recommended.
    3. c. The cost for all veterinary, farrier and alternative treatments lie solely with the Horse Owner.
    4. d. In the event that Stable 88 believes the Horse is in need of farrier or veterinary treatment, they reserve the right to contact their own vet or farrier to undertake treatment provided that Stable88 has made all reasonable attempts to contact the Horse Owner before this decision is made. The responsibility of any arising costs lies solely with the Horse Owner.
  2. 5. No changes may be made to the terms of this agreement unless made by prior written agreements between Stable88 Ltd and the Horse Owner.
  3. 6. Stable88 reserves the right to refuse any Horse without reason.
  4. 7. Stable88 reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.