Vitafloor vibrating floor for horses are comprised of a thick and ridged vibration platform with a layer of rubber on the top surface. The vibration motor facilitate the vibrating floor to gently vibrate at various frequencies based on the intended use, be it for training, rehabilitation or maintenance.
Vitafloor is a fully computerised system with a timer that shuts the vibrations off automatically when the program has run.
The build in models can be made to match the specific measurements of your stall, grooming area of horse trailer. These models also have an option for an integrated tilt mechanism that gently tilts the sides of the vibrating floor at regular intervals thereby activating the muscles of the animal to provide an increased effect.


Vitafloor VMC

NEW!! The Vitafloor VMC is the most compact Vitafloor to date combining superior upwards vibration with smaller size and budget. It is made of durable materials and comes with adjustable feet and a water resistant control box with variable frequency control. It can be supplied as a stand-alone plate only, or optionally also with the lightweight aluminium side bar system, which includes the safety click system for the front and back bars. The system is unique to Vitafloor and the safest on the market today. All you need is a solid level surface and an outlet to plug in the control cabinet and you are good to go.
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“I had the privilege of using a Vitafloor while stabled in Belgium in preparation for the 2014 World Equestrian Games. I was hesitant about my horse being nervous but he very quickly accepted the sessions and was soon leading himself onto the floor! Vitafloor helps keep my horses comfortable in ways that I can’t. The vibration penetrates much deeper than any icing technology or massage and treats the whole body in every session. In addition to the physical benefits, the horses love it!”
Laura Graves Cross Ties LLC International FEI Competitor and USDF Gold Medalist


Vitafloor VM1

The Vitafloor built-in stall and horse trailer units are an invaluable investment for training, veterinary and rehabilitation facilities who wish to optimise the well being and performance of horses in their care. All of the built-in models allow the horse to move about freely and naturally in a stall and the control cabinet with an automated timer and frequency settings, provide the ultimate practicality as no supervision is necessary during treatments. Furthermore, these models are custom made to fit your stall or trailer with the option of adding an airlift tilt mechanism which is proven to increase the effects and benefits of vibrational therapy by 30%.
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Vitafloor VM2 and VM3

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