Clinic Booking Request

Stable88 has taken significant steps to create a safe environment, but undertakes no liability for any accident or injury to you, your participants or horses while you are on this property.

As the clinic organiser you are responsible for the participants on this course and will ensure the arena is kept free of manure. Yards, stables, tie up areas and the driveway left clean and tidy.

The fee of $300 per day covers 10 horses, in an all day clinic or 12 horses for individual lessons. Additional horses will be charged at $30 each, although our preference for the sake of the surface is that clinics are limited to 10 horses. The arena will be available from 9am until 5.00 pm, unless confirmed otherwise.

Clinic auditors are at an additional charge of $10 per day.

Camping in floats or trucks - $15 per person.
Yards - $15 per day.
Stables - $30 per day.

Note: All prices are inclusive of GST.

Your participants will be required to do the following on entry:

• Complete the visitors sign in sheet upon arrival
• Wear approved safety helmets at all times when mounted
• Follow basic safety procedures when handling and riding horses
• Behave sensibly considering the needs of others at all times
• Not allow any horse to be tied to floats or trucks on the driveway
• Ensure any manure is picked up quickly from the tie up areas arena and driveway

Please leave the facility AT LEAST as clean as when you arrived.