Stable88 Rider and Spectator Indemnity Form
You enter these facilities at your own risk and agree to abide by these guidelines.

You confirm that you understand that horses can be unpredictable and there are risks being around them, both on the ground and riding.

You confirm that you understand the risks involved and will respect the guidelines that are in place at Stable88 to ensure your safety.

Stable88 has taken significant steps to creating a safe environment, but undertakes no liability for any accident or injury to you or your horse while you are on this property.

You will be required to do the following on entry:

• Complete the visitors sign in sheet upon arrival
• Wear approved safety helmets at all times when mounted
• Follow basic safety procedures when handling and riding horses
• Behave sensibly considering the needs of others at all times
• Not allow any horse to be tied to floats or trucks on the driveway
• Ensure any manure is picked up quickly from the tie up areas arena and driveway

Please leave the facility AT LEAST as clean as when you arrived.