Please note: Stable88 reserves the right to approve arena use. All riders must fill in the Rider Indemnity Form, link to online form is below.
Hourly Casual Hire: $30/hour plus $15 for each additional horse Add $10 per hour if using lights
Truck or float stay: $15 per person per night. Bathroom and Social Room facilities included.
Full Day Hire: $300/ day (9am - 5pm unless otherwise approved). Auditors $10 per person

Please note: Full Day Hire covers a maximum of 10 horses. Any additional horses (with approval) $30 per day.
Overnight yards are available $15 per day - to be left clean and free of poo and hay.
Aqua Treadmill. Vitafloor and Solarium available - Please see Rehab page for booking or call for availability.
For safety and cleanliness - DO NOT tie up to trucks or floats. Safe tie up areas are available outside the arena entrance.
Please, please, please - don't feed your horses in the tie up areas or on the driveway. We're trying to avoid the need to spray.
See REHAB page for information on Aqua Treadmill and Fitness Services.

Upcoming Clinics