Please note: Stable88 reserves the right to approve arena use. All riders must fill in the Rider Indemnity Form, link to online form is below.
Hourly Casual Hire: $30/hour plus $15 for each additional horse Add $10 per hour if using lights
Truck or float stay: $15 per person per night. Bathroom and Social Room facilities included.
Full Day Hire: $300/ day. Auditors $10 per person
Overnight yards are available $15 per day - to be left clean and free of poo and hay.
Aqua Treadmill. Vitafloor and Solarium available - Please see Rehab page for booking or call for availability.
For safety and cleanliness - DO NOT tie up to trucks or floats. Safe tie up areas are available outside the arena entrance.
Please, please, please - don't feed your horses hay in the tie up areas or on the driveway. We're trying to avoid the need to spray.
Rehab/Fitness Horse Intake Form