Stable88 is the NZ supplier of Arena Surfaces by GGT

GGT Footing by Polywert Gmbh have been researching and supplying arena footings for more than 20 years.

GGT footing uses the highest quality nonwoven geotextile available, as well as the highest quality polyester fibre, with a huge tensile strength and UV rating. This assures that your arena footing will last longer and not break down.

The benefits of using GGT are many, including:
Reduced dust,
High water storage capability,
Optimal impact resistance,
Higher slide strength and additional stability,
Prevents packing,
Offers perfectly adapted spring for energy rebound,
Supports your horses joints and ligaments,
Facilitates strong jump and a secure landing,
Improves the shear strength of the surface.

GGT offer product types for each riding discipline. Jumping, Dressage, General arena riding and Racetracks.

GGT products endure the test of time, resist packing, provide optimal drainage and minimise joint and tendon stress on the equine athlete.
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